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Tech Support for At Home Learners

This is the page where parents and students will go to request tech support from the teacher, school or district. The initial ticket will be sent to the school and then on to the teacher listed in the ticket. If the teacher cannot solve the issue, then the ticket will get forwarded on to the school tech or google tech. If the issue cannot be solved by this person(s), it will then be forwarded to a district tech for final resolution. Please understand that there will be a 24-36 hour response time with EACH level of support. What this means is that each time the issue is escalated up to the next level, the response time will START OVER. Please be patient, as this is all new to EVERYONE and the process is likely to go through several changes. Each ticket needs to be filled out completly before you can submit it and will require a parent or guardian contact info in case it’s needed.


Please click on YOUR school to get started